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This is a special shortcode to create testimonial carousel and place anywhere within the page. Can be placed with column too. To start with follow the steps bellow

1. Find menu “Testimonias” bellow “pages” and “comments”.
2. Add few Testimonials.
3. Open the page and place your cursor where you want the testimonials carusel to be placed.
4. Add the testimonial shortcode and you are done.

The result will be :

Really talented and creative professional. Don't push or press him with short deadlines and he will do his best to create awesome and inspiring staff for you. To create something unique and nice you need time and you cannot predict when exactly you will have inspiration about it. I realized it during this project with Mahmud and it was very important for the final success. Thank you so much Mahmud!Lucas Kleeb, Partner, O&S
Really great to work with, and their communication and dedication to the project was beyond excellent. Looking forward to working with SWN again very soon.Fiona PriddinCEO, ID Me, Australia.
Fantastic work, everything I asked for and more. Highly recommended.Alex Hoogendoorn, USA
Mahmud and his team went beyond the "call of duty" on this project. He stayed up late to give me samples of logos to show to my friends and colleagues for a mini market study. And, he gave me 30 samples, then he followed up with two more sets. Because of Mahmud I was able to determine the best colors and styles for my company's logo. His creations are "the best." Best yet, he is a super communicator. Following up every step of the way. Thank you, Mahmud for an excellent job.Garland Baker,


The code will look like :

[tx_testimonial style="default"]