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Our Services

Our main services are Web Design, Web Development, WordPress Conversion, Graphic design, Logo & Brand identity, SEO, SMM

Our Graphic Design Services

We offer graphic design for all purposes. We create your marketing concepts and all other communication material such as brochures and business cards. We offer a wide range of branding and graphic design service, from logo designs, visual identity packages, re-branding strategies, business cards and business systems, brochures and catalogues, marketing materials, multimedia presentations, product packaging, and more. Particularly important is that each company gets a meaningful logo with a high level of recognition. Furthermore, we are making sure that our customers build brand identity systems that will lead them straight to the top of the game, and that will sell their products and services. And this is not an easy task, especially in the fast-paced and continuously evolving, online world that constantly imposes new challenges and trends to follow.

At Drawing Juice (Short for DJ), we have a team of well-versed professionals that are trained to deal with these kinds of obstacles, from market research solutions and targeted advertising to crafty graphic designing for any industry. We are familiar with all critical aspects of a successful branding and we are constantly trying to be one step forward when it comes to exceptional visual solutions, searching for ones that will entice the customers to take certain actions in your favor. We understand that the strong visual presence is a key segment of a good brand. And whilst offering high quality branding and graphic design services, we also provide cost-effective solutions that are in accordance with the return on investment philosophy, for we firmly believe that you should get the most value for your money. Our Graphic Design Services Listed Below:

UX/UI Design

We can design a user interface ( UI ) using the analysis of User Experience (UX) that will take the powerful technology you’ve created and turn it into something that is branded, engaging and professional.

Web Design - Graphics

Need PSD (Adobe Photoshop) or AI (Adobe illustrator) version for your website, or any kind of website interface, we will build it for you with best design concept and uniqueness.

Print Design

We design magazine layouts, book covers and layouts, catalogs, greeting cards, packaging, textile prints, banner, flyer, brochure, poster and more.

Logo Design

Need logo for your business or brand. We ensure that each company gets a meaningful logo with a high level of recognition. We also ensure that our logo design for you fits with your brand perfectly.

Brand Identity Design

We can help you establish a strong visual brand through corporate identity. we are making sure that our customers build brand identity systems that will lead them straight to the top of the game.

Consultation & Help

We provide any graphic related help, plan to improve your brand, consultation about how to build it or what is better, market plan etc.

Our Web Design & Development Services.

Your website is a reflection of your business. A professionally designed and developed website will take your business to new levels of growth and success. Since customers have become online-savvy, ever more sophisticated websites have pushed the boundaries of online business. Simplicity in web site design allows a user to focus on the important aspects of the website, such as its message, usability, functionality and the end result of meeting the sales objective in terms of conversion.

DJ provides professional website design and development services. Our talented web designers and web developers create premier level websites that are highly impactful visually and deeply feature-rich functionally. They can help you craft a web design that fits your brand. Our website development projects range from simple html, brochure sites to multi-functional web portals which are rich CMS ecommerce websites. Our website developers provide expert web application development and web design services to our clients. We offer a variety of website design and development services, from creating mobile web development solutions and responsive website designs, to building custom e-commerce and intranet experiences using the latest and proven web technologies.

We provide end-to-end web development services to fulfill all your website requirements. Our industry-proven web design services will breathe more life into your website, because we make sure we deliver a product that is the optimal blend of visibility and usability. Our web development services help you gain competitive advantages by building websites that leverage evolving technologies and search engine visibility factors. Armed with expertise in online marketing and SEO techniques, we build attractive, fast loading, search engine optimized sites with easy and user friendly navigation that help you gain maximum traction with Search Engines and improve traffic and conversions. Our Web Design & Development Services Listed Below:

Responsive Web Design

We design web pages the way that makes render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. With Bootstrap or core CSS.

WordPress Development

We also build website using WordPress CMS, any kind of site. We use either premium theme or build a theme from scratch. 

Ecommerce Solution

We develop ecommerce site using Woo-commerce or Laravel framework. We provide all of the solutions of ecommerce system.

PHP Application

We build PHP applications using PHP & MySQL with Ajax or no Ajax. Such as admin panel, upload system, CRUD, calculation etc.

Laravel Framework

Need an website from scratch. Like back-end development and front-end design, we build it for you both using Laravel framework. It’s a PHP framework with lots of features in it.

Website Customization

We customize & manage any kind of existing site. Also if you want to re-design it, we can do that also. Any PHP or CMS built site. Mostly we work on WordPress and PHP websites.

PSD to CMS Conversion

Have PSD file & wants to convert it to web page, we will do that for you. We provide PSD to HTML/CSS to WordPress conversion. We convert your image or PSD file to WordPress (CMS).

Consultation & Help

If you want any kind of help related to web design or development or your website. Our team will provide that for you. We also teach client about their site and how to use it.

Our WordPress Conversion Service.

We convert any site that developed using another programing language or platform such as ASP.NET, Core PHP etc. to WordPress. Just provide the link of your previous site we convert it for you to WP platform. We mainly use DIVI Elegant theme and their plugin DIVI builder to convert the site. But we also use our own theme, like build a new theme from scratch (start) based on our client’s previous site or requirements. Check our previous Projects/Portfolios and request a free quote if you wants to work with us.

WordPress is part of Web design and development platform, then question is why we separated it from main area. Well our first answer would be we converted lots of website to WP platform and that made us perfect for this area. Our team work better on this area. We convert any site to WordPress platform whether it’s created using ASP.NET or other programing languages. And our second answer is WordPress is better user-friendly platform, easy to use both front-end & back-end, anyone (client) can access the admin panel and use it easily after little bit instruction. Website that made using WordPress way better than other platform, mostly for usage.

We mainly use DIVI theme and plugin to convert WordPress site, and this theme is very easy to use & has lots of rich features. After complete the site client can edit, update their page content from front-end (website) using this theme’s plugin called DIVI Builder. That’s why we provide this service to you separately. We separated it from Web Development to provide better understanding for this service to you.

How we work on this area:

  1.  We first research your current website that made by another platform or different WP theme or PHP. You only need to provide us your current site link.
  2.  After complete the research, we will design the full site layout using WordPress theme. We will use DIVI theme or build a new WP theme from scratch based on your current site. It’s totally up to you which theme we can use. We will provide you which approach (theme) is better based on your site & our research.
  3.  After design the full site we will develop the dynamic area for your site such as form setup, user system, mail setup, configure other features based on current site. This time we need your current site’s admin panel access to research the admin panel (Dashboard) area. It’s not require though. We will develop anyway.
  4.  Divi theme is better for WP conversion because you can easily access it, modify it, update or edit site content after full site complete. We will provide you instructions about how you can use it better way.
  5.  Lastly we will setup your site on current server, we always work on our own server, after complete the project and your review & approve on new site, we will upload it to your server and configure the site.

Our SEO & SMM Services

We are one among the best SEO & SMM company in online filled with a pool of best SEO & SMM experts, who can deal with your business growth in a most precise and successful manner.